World Wide Fund for Nature


WWF is a non-governmental organization founded in 1961 that works for the conservation of the environment. Its official name in the United States and Canada is World Wildlife Fund.

The international headquarters is located in Switzerland. The Secretariat for Latin America and the Caribbean is in Ecuador.

WWF is the world’s largest conservation organization with more than five million members around the world, is present in more than 100 countries and carries out around 1,300 projects for the protection of the environment.

They have invested more than $1 billion in 12,000 conservation initiatives since 1995.

Mission & Functions

Its greatest conservation successes lie in the creation and management of protected areas, species conservation, research, education, environmental awareness, and development and implementation of environmental policies.

WWF is also committed to indigenous communities, which in many cases depend on natural resources for their survival.

Regarding the oceans, WWF points out the problems of overfishing, proposing as a solution a co-management between NGOs and public administrations.

It also proposes the reduction of plastics in the countries so that there is less plastic pollution in the oceans.

Among its goals are the conservation of forests, the protection of endangered species in both terrestrial and aquatic environments, and the fight against climate change.

For all this, it advocates responsible consumption, with products that have been obtained in an environmentally sustainable way.


WWF is a science-based, non-political civil society organization working to conserve and restore biodiversity, the web that supports all life on Earth; to reduce humanity’s ecological footprint; and to ensure the sustainable use of resources to support current and future generations.

Collaborate with the WWF NGO

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