Play smart & Don't be fooled

If your thought is to enter a Telegram channel about sports betting recommendations to become rich or millionaire, go remove that idea from your head, you have to be realistic.

Be smart

Run away from any channel where you see that share photos and videos of betting winnings of large sums of money, luxury watches, high-end cars, exotic travel, wads of fake bills bought on Amazon, etc., because the only thing they are looking for is to capture your attention based on false riches, because most of those photos are edited and taken from the internet and their only goal is to take advantage of the ignorance and / or desperation of people making them believe that he is a successful man thanks to his sports knowledge and that if he has all that, you can also have it if you do what he or they tell you.

Be realistic

The reality of the matter is that the vast majority of these channels or people have little knowledge of sports betting, do not know how to apply the correct stake and do not play with the statistics of the week or days to compensate for previous losses and end each month in positive, even if you have a bad streak.

You have to take into account that most of these channels do not usually mark the mistakes made, or if they do, they mark them between the lines with other messages that have nothing to do with them, so that when you enter them for the first time, you only see greens and hits and thus again, capture your attention, making you believe that in that channel you only win and never lose.

Our advice

Our recommendation is to choose and follow only one Tipster. We are not saying this to make you follow us, since everyone is free to do what he wants, but if you follow several Tipsters and you are making all the bets of each one of them, in the end, your bank and stake will never be able to follow a balance, since the statistics would be broken.

With all this, we just want to help you and inform you so you don't get scammed by people who only want your money and don't care if you win or lose.

Our reality

We, BetWinGreen, are the first to FAIL and we put it in capital letters, since it is impossible to finish every day of the month in positive, because otherwise, both you and us, we would be rich.

Several days of the month, we end up in NEGATIVE, we mark them in our Telegram channel and it is our turn to subtract, since we are not fortune tellers. We thoroughly study and analyze every sports forecast we make, but, as is obvious, we cannot control chance, luck and the unforeseen events that may occur.

Our goal

It should be clarified that sports betting is a game and, therefore, it should be taken as such. Betting responsibly and not gambling more money than you stand to lose is the first rule and should never be forgotten. Real life is a complex environment, with poorly defined and even changing rules. These are not board games, such as chess or checkers, where each participant knows exactly what he or she can and cannot do.


In the world of sports betting, there is no set script, so we have to have an abstract mindset, otherwise we would be artificial intelligence machines. As humans, we reason, we possess the capacity for abstraction, for putting together seemingly unconnected or uncorrelated pieces. As a major flaw, we have feelings that can have a negative or positive influence.

Our goal

In this area, negative feelings appear when a forecast fails, and in this case, it is necessary to lose the fear of failing; the recreational bettor always wants to be right. The professional, on the other hand, wants to earn more money than he loses and make a profit in the long term. Assume that you are going to have losses, no one has a 100% success rate, but try to make them less than the profits. We study the picks thoroughly (dynamics, statistics, probabilities, pre-match factors, etc.) and establish a solid argument.

Our reality

However, there are factors that no one can control. These factors are, for example, red cards, penalties, injuries, mental states and the most important of all, fortune. You can analyze an event 100% and if luck is not with you, it will not come out. Obviously, with work, the probability of success will always be higher. If you want to dedicate yourself to the world of betting, you have to have a methodology, a discipline, rules and not get carried away by emotions. In every game, you have to wipe the slate clean, forget the bad experiences of the past and keep your head. As a major flaw, we have feelings that can have a negative or positive influence.

Our goal

Our only goal is that, obviously, we all win, both you and us thanks to our sports betting predictor channel by earning extra money at the end of each month, a help, but obviously, no luxuries or riches. And for this, it is very important that you only invest money that you can truly afford and afford, but never invest money that you need for your basic needs or for subsistence.

Do you have any questions?

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