The importance & Automatic shutdown

If you can’t attend to your cell phone or computer to keep an eye on the sports betting predictions and if you want to avoid surprises, this article is for you.

What is Cash Out?

It is a utility offered by bookmakers to close a bet before the condition of the bet is fulfilled or before the end of the sporting event on which we have bet. By closing it before the assumption we expected is fulfilled, the amount of money we receive varies depending on how the event goes. Sometimes, it receives other denominations such as "close bet", "immediate collection", "early closing", "bet repurchase" or "cash in", the latter introducing the nuance of referring to bets that are made live, or commonly called, a Live.

What is it used for?

The Cash Out or automatic closing is used both to ensure profits if the event goes in our favor, and to minimize losses if it goes against us. In this sense, it facilitates greater control over the bets and the money that is put at stake. The auto close is a function that is useful for betting on events that we cannot follow live, such as those played in the wee hours of the morning or when for any reason we cannot follow the game, and serves to ensure certain profits in this type of forecasts by automatically closing the bet when the odds reach a previously chosen threshold.

Examples of its use

Assure profits: We bet on the victory of a tennis player in a semifinal of a tournament at odds of 2.00 and our tennis player wins the first set. Having started to get on track for a possible victory, the bookmaker offers us to close the bet at that moment, but with lower profits than those implied by the 2.00 odds. The positive aspect is that we guarantee the benefits, without the need to wait for the entire match to pass, thus avoiding possibilities such as the opponent coming back from behind.

Minimize losses: In the opposite scenario, our tennis player loses the first set. At that moment, the house offers us to close the bet, recovering part of the money we have wagered. If we consider that our tennis player is not going to come back or that we have made a mistake in our analysis, it is a better option than waiting until the match is over, the defeat is consummated and we lose all our bets.

Our advice

Our advice is to ALWAYS activate this option if your bookmakers have it available and allow it in the predicted events. We recommend setting this automatic closing when the bet is paid between 85% and 90% because, although we obviously do not collect 100% of the total benefits, we save ourselves from unpleasantness and bad moments when there is a surprise in the event, since, in the world of sports betting, everything is possible for better or worse and no one is exempt from getting a pleasant or a bitter surprise.

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