Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer the most frequent questions that our users ask us.

Tipster is a word that comes from the English language and that refers to betting and means “advisor”. A tipster is a person who is dedicated to recommending bets through his or her forecasts.

A pick is a bet or forecast that we make in a bookmaker, and that in the case of tipsters share with their followers through their usual channels. It is a very simple concept as it only refers to the selection we bet on.

The bankroll is the sum of all the money you have to place bets, regardless of whether you have it all in the same betting website or in several and there are different ways to manage it, although each person has their own method, but always following, or trying to follow a pattern that goes more with logic and common sense than with other things.

The stake is the risk that a bettor assigns to a given bet. It is, therefore, a subjective value established by the bettor based on the confidence that he/she has in a certain bet winning. It is generally quantified on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest confidence and 10 the highest.

For example:

Your Bank or Bankroll is 500€.

Now you have to set a fixed value for Stake 1, let’s say 10€.

Therefore, if we launch a bet or pick with Stake 1, you would have to bet 10€.

Stake 2, you would bet 20€.

Stake 3, you would bet 30€.

And so on.

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