Protectors and defenders of animals

NGOs of: Animal defense and protection

The defense and protection of animals consists of a set of solidarity actions carried out by non-profit organizations to take charge of the capture and housing of abandoned animals, as well as their adoption, health and slaughter.

In addition, the associations fight for legal measures to judge animal mistreatment, prohibit entertainment at the expense of their suffering and raise awareness in society about the protection and defense of animals. These societies are in charge of collecting stray or abandoned animals and these can be picked up by their owners or adopted by others.

They use special facilities for the deposit, care and treatment of abandoned animals, as well as collecting animals surrendered by their owners. They may receive aid but must be declared to the administration. They may also propose to the administration measures to improve the effectiveness of the defense and protection of animals.

Mission & Functions

NGOs dedicated to the defense and protection of animals focus their actions on the care of abandoned animals until they find a home for them and at the same time sensitize society to end abuse, abandonment and raise awareness about the responsibility that comes with owning an animal.


Animal charities work to ensure that animals that have been abandoned and abused can receive veterinary care and food. Generally, they have spaces to house the most vulnerable and are looking for families to provide shelter.

Collaborates with NGOs for the protection and defense of animals.

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